May wasn’t great. In fact, it was almost a disaster of January-like proportions!

First the numbers, and then some analysis (or, really, excuses). Our total monthly income was projected to be €2936.01 and it was really €3886.98. That’s a positive difference of €950.97:€500 from last month which went into savings, €200 from the sale of some cloth diapers, €78.84 in health care reimbursements and €172.13 from various sales of various things on Etsy and Ebay. So far, so good. But (and there’s always a but), our expenses were projected to be €3459.73 and we spent €4189.66, or€729.93 than we planned. Not so good.

We went over budget on our water bill, through no fault of our own- really- not an excuse! Our water bill was €66.54 instead of€18, as it was the last bill of the year and was for usage over and above our predicted average monthly consumption.

The rest really was all our fault. We went on a mini break to see my husband’s family in Alsace early in the month and then we went to the wedding of some friends of ours; that included the hen and stag nights as well, which both cost a pretty penny. We alsofell out of the frugal habit, and our spending slowly crept up, up, up. Here’s the breakdown:

Road Tolls: Budgeted €40; Spent €32.20
Groceries: Budgeted €400; Spent €432.64
Eating Out/Entertainment; Budgeted €150; Spent €365.05
Other Household Items; Budgeted €0; Spent €96.50
Clothing: Budgeted €0; Spent €70.39
Allowances (our money to do with as we will); Budgeted €80; Spent €144.43
Post Office and Blog; Budgeted €50; Spent €152.70

Not great, as you can see. As for my other May goals, there were mixed results. I wanted to earn €150 in snowflakes, instead I earned €372.13. I almost hit my goal for subscribers; I’m at 195subscribers to my feed, instead of the hoped for 200. If you haven’t already signed up, here’s your chance to push me over! I haven’t launched the new site yet, but it will be happening soon. I’m working with a fabulous graphic designer on my new logo and everything is ticking along nicely.

Next month we are going to tighten our belts. We have already accounted for this month’s negative balance by trimming all unnecessary fat out of the budget and we’re going to stick to thebare minimum. As it is, we are possibly going to need to have some repairs done on the car. For that we will use the emergency fund, but that’s our only solution. Even with spending the bare minimum, our projected budget shows a shortfall of €69.59. I’m planning on compensating for that in two ways. First, my goal is to earn €150 in snowflakes this month. Secondly, I’ve trimmed €70off our grocery budget. I’ll discuss the ways it will be possible for us to eat well for less in a post on Thursday.

Here’s one of the ways that I hope to stay on track and here’s how you can help me; every day in June I’ll be posting how much money money we spend (or don’t spend). If we buy something I’ll have to justify our purchase. You need to call me on it and tell me if you don’t think it was necessary. I need help, gentle readers, and I’m counting on you to help me! Are you in?